Décor Style You Should Try As Per Your Zodiac

June 15, 2022by couchlane0

Our zodiac sign influences everything about us, from our personality to our relationships to even the kind of home we want to live in. If you are a decor enthusiast and would like to know what all is connected to your zodiac when it comes to home styling, let us take you through this:

Aries: In terms of home decor, Aries enjoy expressing their individuality through bold decor choices and customization in their homes. They believe in low maintenance furnishing and will most likely have contemporary furniture to suit their taste.

Taurus: Taurians prefer cozy corners with bean bags, fairy lights and dream catchers. Being an earth sign, they love earthy tones like brown, dark orange, green and dark sienna in their furniture.

Gemini: Geminis are gadgets lovers and their our sense of aesthetic is always futuristic. Being a curious mindset, their bookcase might actually be their most important possession!

Cancer: Cancerians is all about the home, family, and creating safety for self and loved ones. They always have a special attachment for their living spaces. They go for soft colours and their home radiate comfort and relaxation.

Leo: The sun sign itself stands for royalty. Their love for bling and shimmering metallic hues show in their maximalist décor tastes. The bedroom will typically feature a large statement headboard, golden accents, and lots of luxurious fabrics and cushions strewn around.

Virgo: Virgos have minimalist tastes with a preference for neutral and earthy tones. Their homes are very neat and well organised. Virgos will opt for sleek furniture and green plants, when it comes to decorating their house.

Libra: Librans are real fans of aesthetics, and they balance harmony, tasteful décor and soothing colours in their living space. They make symmetry in their décor theme. It could be like placing table lamps at both the end of the sofa or the bed. Green is their most favoured colour.

Scorpio: Scorpios are highly selective of their home decor. Each piece has a purpose and a meaning. They like to make bold statements with their decor and use riskier colours.

Sagittarius: People of this zodiac sign loves to travel and hence their house décor showcases momentos and artifacts of diverse cultures and nations. Sagittarius need a lot of legroom, so soft flooring with lots of blank spaces are most preferred.

Capricorn: Their focus will be on functionality and comfort first, and design aesthetics second — they prefer things to be practical more than being beautiful. Capricorns are obsessed with storage spaces be it cupboards, shelves, wall built-in drawers.

Aquarius: Aquarians opt for aquatic colour schemes, shades of cerulean and ocean greens. They probably have the hippest and most contemporary style due to their ability to pick up on future trends before anyone else.

Pisces: Pisces love it to be dreamy and zen. Rustic bamboo furniture, flowy translucent fabrics in floral prints, boho-chic tie-dye prints and ocean motif artworks representing shells, starfish or water in general appeal to them.

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