Easy Steps to Create the Perfect Study Room Space for Kids

July 14, 2022by couchlane0

Today’s kids are very smart. Their room needs to act as play areas, study zones, inspirational zone, an un-disturbed day-dreaming space and much, much more. Pouring thoughts into the layout and colour scheme, choosing well-designed furniture will help one to create a functional and beautiful space for your child. Considering the constraints of space in the small kids’ room, this is where the loft beds with space underneath for the study come to your rescue. Corner beds also free up the flooring space of the room for the spacious study desk while custom desks that can be folded away when not in use are also a great, space-savvy option. Couchlane’s Jack Truddle Storage Bed, Lego Bunk Bed and Juno Single Trundle Bed can be of great use to create more floor space for the kid’s room.

A few easy steps to create the perfect study space for your kids are mentioned below that can act as a guide next time you plan to arrange your kid’s room.

  1. De-clutter: A clean and organized room is very welcoming for the child as well as for the family members. It is very important to have almirahs, cabinets, shelves, racks, sideboards, etc., so that things are not laying around which makes the room look cluttered and messy. Make sure to separate the things as per their categories as this will make it easier for the kids to find them later
  1. Right Study Table: A study table with the correct measurement of the chair and the table as suitable to the kid’s height is of utmost importance. Many a time, we randomly pick up the desk and the chair which leads to spinal issues for the kids. The racks placed on the top of the desk should also be hung considering the child’s height to prevent any kind of head injury.
  1. Inspirational Wall décor: One should always opt for a light colour for the walls while it is important to pop up one wall with colors, graphics and motivational quotes.
  1. Correct Lighting: If the study space is well-lighted, it helps the child to concentrate more on the work. A study lamp helps to focus on the books. Setting the desk in front of a window that lets natural light is a good idea provided there is not much distraction from the window view.
  1. Create a Personal Corner: Today’s schools implement a lot of DIY projects. Create a corner where there is a rack to stack chart papers, pencils and crayons, and other tools required for projects with a proper pin-up board and display area which is easily accessible. This will help the child to concentrate on the work without calling out to others for help in getting the things he/she requires.

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