Five Console Units That Make Your Living Room Stand Out

August 15, 2022by couchlane0

A console unit is one of the most versatile furnishing items in a house. If placed aesthetically in a living space, it can be the perfect cynosure of the room. It can serve as the most glamorous unit in the drawing room, provided we choose the right console unit with the right décor on its top. A well-placed and wisely decorated console unit instantly becomes the focal point of the living room, adding more glamour and panache to the entire ambience.

If your living room is designed to portray an old-world charm, choose a wooden rustic console. Put a vase on it with roses and some family portraits. Couchlane’s Azzo console and Retro Console are the perfect blends of functionality and style, displaying skill.

A gallery wall can also act as an accent for a polished wooden console table. Couchlane’s Indi Console and Reo Console are best suited for living rooms that define luxury and elegance.

A contemporary living room with an edgy look should add a console unit with geometrical leg patterns to give that required modernist look to the living space. Couchlane’s Ava Console or Astra Console is the flawless choice for the same.

Bring luxury to your living room by placing a gold-coloured console unit. Add drama to it by placing a gold-framed mirror on the wall above it. Add a vase of lilies or orchids and an artistic piece to complete the look. Dexter Glass and Gold Console or Manifest Console of Couchlane justify the ambience we are just creating.

Denali or Adorn Console from Couchlane will be the ideal artistic expression for a boho chic preferred home furnishing.

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