5 Ways To Give A Makeover To Your Kid’s Room

February 1, 2022by couchlane0

Planning and executing a kid’s room might be the most challenging as well as the most thrilling part of home décor. When it comes to children, one becomes more mindful towards safety rather than aesthetics.  However, today’s blog has tricks and tips to help us integrate safety with style!

Gone are the days when a girl’s room was all pink and blue was dedicated to the boy. Today, experts suggest that a child’s room should be a good mix of colours and visuals. Shop at couchlane.com and you’ll be able to set up your baby’s room up to the mark.

Below are five ways to give a quick makeover to your child’s room:

1.Declutter and Organize: To make the room more organized, create organizers and wardrobes that can be easily accessed by the child so that you can train your child to be well-disciplined from a young age.

  1. Create a space for DIY Projects: DIY projects encourage the child to be creative and imaginative. It is very important to encourage the child’s hard work by allowing a space in his/her room for the display of the child’s talents.
  2. Lighting: The room should have sufficient natural light and warmth. One should also include multiple lighting to create the ambience more interesting at night. A reading light should be focused on the study area and a night lamp should also be installed for when the child wakes up in the night.
  3. Innovative Beds: Since every parent would love to see their child to be punctual and go to bed on time, it is important to create an interesting bed. Bunk beds for twins or car styled or design themed beds are great way to create an interesting look for the room and very inviting for the child.
  4. Colourful Art or Motifs: Children should be exposed to colours from a very young age. Creating an art pattern consisting of multiple colours or hanging decals or motifs of different shapes and sizes, attracts the attention of kids and helps them build their imagination.

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