Points To Consider While Furnishing Your New Home

January 29, 2022by couchlane0

Congratulations for your new home! Purchasing a new home and starting a new life in this new abode is a dream come true for most. However, before you settle down, you’d want to decorate the house and give it your personal touch.  Your home furnishing is a reflection of your style, persona and your preferences. Home furnishing includes your furniture, carpets, curtains, wall décor and your collectibles. But before you jump in to make some great purchases, take a note of these important considerations.

  1. Mark your Spaces: Before making any purchase, first and foremost visually analyse the bare area of your house and then mark spaces where would like to place the furniture, bed, dining table, etc. and take measurements. Many time we tend to buy without thinking and then we keep adjusting with the other elements present in the room. Have a plan in mind.
  2. Buy furniture as per the size of your home: Both offline and online markets have a plethora of choices open for you. It is very important to buy furniture as per the allowance of your room. Keep in mind that there should be adequate space to move around.
  3. Colour Theme: Always buy all your furnishing with a colour palette that goes with your overall theme. You can either have a bold hue in your sofa against your neutral-coloured wall or vice versa but a coloured sofa against a coloured wall might just ruin the whole look.
  4. Storage: No matter you have a big house or a small one, one needs to have effective storage facilities to keep the house decluttered. There can be wall cabinets, almirahs, chest of drawers, wardrobes, shelves. When things are kept on assigned places, it is easier to find when needed and the house looks clean.

A home represents the identity of its owner. Make it convey to the universe who you are. Let your guests know your taste the moment they enter your home.

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