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Home décor is a very personal thing, and is highly influenced by the preferences of the person who owns the house. The real challenge starts when the person weds and bring home his better half. What changes should be done incorporate both the individuals’ preferences?

Decorating the home of a newlywed couple involves a series of finetuning of the colour preferences, furniture choices and decorating styles of the two individuals so that an integrated style can be achieved. The overall idea is to create ample functional as well as aesthetically designed spaces which both will enjoy.

Though a lot can be done to reach a point where the identities and thoughts of both the individuals appear to be one; aesthetically, there are few basic themes that one can follow and bring a visible change to home and well as the mood.


Play with Space

Proper management of the floor space create ample opportunity to accommodate the couple’s preferences. If the couple is working from home, makeshift the second room into a home office with compact office table. Alongside, create a sitting arrangement with cosy yet comfortable sofas.


Color-coded Themes

Colors represent the personalities. And when two personalities become one, the colors also combine to give a distinctive appearance to the overall environment. When one person’s preference is a sleek, contemporary style filled with black furnishings and the spouse is more towards everything yellow with a cottage flair, a neutral hue can become an obvious choice to match the two different themes.


Furniture and Accessories

Furniture can be a tricky part of the overall scheme. One must select the furniture based on the individual’s body types as well as the daily lifestyle needs. A large leather sofa with rolled arms and an ottoman may best suit a person who is tall and loves to stretch their feet while watching television. On the other hand, a short person may prefer a comfy, cosy sofa corner, perfectly matching their appearance.


Before attempting the home décor themes for a newly-wedded couple, it is important to know their preferences, nature, and other compatibility factors of both the individuals. As they start the new innings of their lives, the home must provide them a perfect platform to start their journey.

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