The craft of using consoles for your home decor

March 21, 2022by couchlane0

Among all the furniture used inside a house, the console table is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture. The reason is its usability. You can place it virtually in every room, and the entryway and corridor. It always adds up to the overall look and feel of the ambiance. Interestingly, it is one of the most versatile in terms of styling too.

Consoles have always been more than just a table to place keys or old magazines. When you style the console table, you solve two purposes – make them look elegant, and upgrade the overall aesthetics of the area. Here are some of the style ideas you can follow to deck up your house using the console as the center of attraction.

  1. Embellish with contemporary charm

There are many contemporary yet posh embellishments that you can put along with the console table. One such idea is to put a designer mirror above it, coupled with a flower vase. A mirror enhances the overall utility of the console and makes it look more elegant.

  1. A corner to relax

If reading is your hobby and you feel relaxed when you have your favorite book in your hands, then console can be your best mate. Put book holder case above the console. Place a classy lamp to match the ambiance and put a comfortable couch beside the console. And you are done! Your study corner is ready to welcome you.

  1. An artistic punch

If you have placed your console next to the sofa, and it comes inside the focal point of the drawing-room, you can give an all-new artistic look to your space. Use the console to place art pieces on it. Use pin spotlights to highlight the painting. And your creative space is complete. Believe that your console has done the magic.

Your console can become your best piece of furniture. Start treating your console as decorative furniture, not just any other table. You just need to have an eye to place it the way it may augment the overall aesthetics of the atmosphere.

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