Dining Room Furniture Trends

December 17, 2021by couchlane0

A lot happens around the dining room table, from dinner parties to family meals, from art projects to new hobbies. It’s a central gathering place where anyone can pull up a seat and feel instantly at home.

So pull up your seat, for here are the latest dining room trends you need to know.

  • Benches are the perfect way to add more sitting room around the table without crowding around too many chairs, there’s enough space to slide right in for a meal. Try pairing a bench on one side with chairs on the other side and the ends. Alternatively, you could get into picnic table mode with benches on both sides.
  • When you are considering what shape to bring to the dining room – consider round. Round decor is perfect for those that want a smaller table that does not take away from the room.
  • All of your furniture and decorative pieces do not need to be the same. In fact, it’s all about mixing and matching the pieces seamlessly.
  • Making the room feel new can be as simple as bringing new chairs into the mix. Introducing a set of colourful chairs works very well by adding freshness to the room.
  • Another small thing that can up the coolness factor, is the addition of a stool. Stools come in myriad shapes and sizes and you can certainly find one to complement your style.
  • Industrial Chandelier is perfect for those that want to embrace the dining room while staying on-trend. Work with an industrial fixture that feels new and fresh to the room.

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