Make Your Living Room Feel Cozy

January 5, 2022by couchlane0

‘How can I make my living room feel cozy and inviting?’ is one of the most common questions faced by an interior designer. And why not! The living room is the heart of your house where you entertain your guests, relax with your family, chit-chat, creating memorable moments in the process. Living room often sets the mood and feel of the space. Therefore, people look for that finishing touch that could add that coziness. Interestingly, most of the times you already own these essential elements like your dream sofa, or the classy coffee table with complementing couches; what you require is a little aesthetic touch to add that extra oomph.

Here are some basic tips on how to make your living room feel cozy.

  1. Smooth shapes and round edges

One of the basic differences between a classy and a cozy furniture is the edges. A classy coffee table would have finely-shaped edges often setting the tone of its finesse. On the other hand, a cozy coffee table would proudly display its smooth rounded edges making it comfortable convertible to a makeshift leg-rest.


  1. Texture and tactility

You would put aside all your sophistication and would hold one corner of your big couch to lie lazily for hours reading your favorite novel or watching your favorite movie. And therefore, the tactility of the surface of the couch matters a lot. A cozy setup should prefer natural materials such as lightly stained wood, rattan, jute, organic cotton and linen.   ķ


  1. Lighting and Exmposure

You would like to have a very controlled exposure of your cozy living room space to the natural light. Therefore, a combination of thin curtains and smart designer lights does the trick. Thin linen curtains let the sunrays kiss the sofa and maintain its warmth while side lamp, may be in tinted shades like turmeric yellow, sets the overall mood. Too much of lighting often cause strain on the eyes, and vice versa.


  1. Add some color and tone

And finally, you can add some shades to the wall behind the sofa or facing the couch. You can keep the tone light so that it may not overdo the arrangements. You can also put designer colorful stands to add extra comfort.

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