Get Your Living Room Festive Ready

September 18, 2022by couchlane0

Festivities are knocking at our door and we are all busy planning our best silhouettes and couture as we all want to look our best at the upcoming parties. But what about our home? Don’t we want compliments for them as well?

Though there are many trends and style tips available that you can follow to make your living room upmarket, curved furniture with soft lines is the furniture trend for 2022. This curved furniture is inspired by nature, is easy to navigate, and naturally draws the eye through a room, with smooth lines and generating calm and relaxation. Check out the trendy furniture options from Couchlane and be compliment ready.

  1. Sectional sofa: Unlike conventional sofas, a sectional sofa set is composed of multiple independent seating arrangements combined to create different shapes. You can replace your traditional sofa set with a modern sofa sectional that can creatively utilize the corner and nooks of a room. Check out Couchlane’s Marina L-shaped sectional sofa and Atlas curved sectional sofa are the best-designed sofas with velvet touch comfort.
  2. Ottoman and Pouffes: Ottoman and pouffes are variations of low stools and can serve for low seating arrangements or as footrests. Using them for extra seating or as side tables can be more of contemporary use. The trendy pouffes and ottoman with bright coloured hues and contemporary designs from Couchlane also act as a style statement for a low seating arrangement for your balcony. Bowie quilted ottoman and Moon Elm Leather Ottoman from Couchlane add that perfect colour and charm to your living space. Some Ottoman like Lexus Storage Ottoman and Moon Storage ottoman also acts as perfect storage unit for essentials.
  3. Bar Units: It’s time to upgrade your bar unit. Couchlane’s made-to-order bar units are a perfect blend of form functionality and style. From contemporary chic style units to Vintage units, Couchlane’s bar units will be a timeless beauty in your living room. Appraise the beauty of the Perno Bar Unit, Ricard Bar Unit, and Gong Bar Unit that will define your classy taste.

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