How to Take Care of Wooden Furniture Post-Monsoon

September 25, 2022by couchlane0

How to Take Care of Wooden Furniture Post-Monsoon

Monsoon and wooden furniture are not the best of friends. The humidity of the monsoon season adversely impacts our wooden furniture and fixtures. Wood absorbs moisture when the atmosphere is humid, leading to the shrinking or swelling of the wood.

Below are a few tips to take care of wooden furniture post-monsoon.

  • Wipe out water spillage and dust on the furniture with dry clothes. Dust tends to absorb moisture. This softens the finishing of the wood.
  • Keep the water-damaged furniture outdoors to dry naturally. Put a thin cotton sheet to protect the furniture from direct exposure. The cotton sheet also helps prevent the polish.
  • To protect wooden upholstery, keep them in the open to dry and sprinkle some baking soda to remove odours.
  • Camphor or naphthalene balls do a great job of soaking the moisture. Neem leaves or cloves also serve the purpose. You can put them in the corners of the furniture.
  • Vacuum the furniture for rain debris or use dehumidifiers to dry the water-damaged furniture.

Monsoon, how refreshing it may appear to our eyes and soul, it damages the wooden furniture. However, simple but timely care can help prevent the furniture from getting deformed and increase its life by many years.


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