How To Decorate Your Home This Festive Season

October 19, 2021by couchlane0

India is a land of festivals. Here, a festival not only means conducting certain rituals but celebrating them with full vigor and joy. And celebrations do not happen without meeting and greeting each other, visiting each other’s houses, and organizing small family gatherings to enjoy togetherness. Therefore, when festivals arrive, we straightway start decorating our houses. After all, who would want to call the guests at an ill-organized house!

Though it may sound easy, organizing and decorating the house may become a tiring job if not planned and executed properly. Moreover, you would always want your house to look different from normal days and expect your guests to praise your efforts. For this to happen, you must plan in advance how you want your home to look.

Here are some easy DIY steps to decorate your home this festival:

  1. Decide a theme – Yes, you must first decide how you want your home to look like. Generally, the decoration should go with the flow, i.e., it should be in sync with the festival.
  2. Choose the right props – When you have to project a theme, there are no better options than props. They draw the outline for anyone to imagine, i.e., with thematic props, one is supposed to restrict his imaginations around those props only.
  3. Pick up suitable corners – You cannot convert your entire house every time when festivals arrive. Therefore, you choose certain corners that are prominently visible, adequately spaced, and thematically convertible. You place your props in those corners to give a look and feel of the festival you are celebrating.
  4. Place your furniture intelligently – Now this is a tricky part. Furniture plays an important role in defining the overall look and feel of a house. Additionally, it is the furniture of the house that defines how many people can be accommodated for celebrations. Therefore, be judicious while picking furniture to go with the theme.
  5. Maintain your furniture – This is another important aspect of dealing with furniture for festivals. Clean your furniture perfectly so that they look well-maintained and add to the overall spark. Use microfiber cloths for cleaning and dusting your furniture. You should wipe out stains with detergent water and put proper polish to add life to your furniture.

Decluttering is also one of the prerequisites of decorating the home. Donate things that haven’t been used in a long time. This will help them as well to celebrate the festivals.

When your guests arrive at your home this festival, greet them with a smile and a well-decorated space to surprise them.

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