7 Tips To Maintain Your Furniture

October 11, 2021by couchlane0

Believe it or not, furniture sets the tone of a house and significantly influences the overall look and feel of the ambiance. And therefore, they must look neat, tidy, and new. Stained and damaged furniture is a spoiler and a big no-no for a family gathering.

So how can you keep your furniture new always? Well, there are some basic activities that may help you maintain your furniture to last long and look new always. You can apply these basic guidelines to all furniture that is present at your home.

So, here are the tips to maintain your furniture:

  1. Dusting – Well, this is the smallest but one of the most important activities that help keep the furniture clean. Regular dusting with microfiber cloth restricts dust to form a layer on the furniture. Dust kills the shine and erases polish from the furniture.
  2. Restrict overdose of sunlight – Sunlight is good, but not for everything. Excess exposure to sunlight may dismantle the shape of your furniture, especially when it is meant for indoor use.
  3. Check humidity – Furniture that is kept in humid conditions for a longer period may get distorted. Also, there are chances that fungus and other microorganisms may create their universe in that furniture. Therefore, use a dehumidifier on furniture at a regular interval.
  4. Take care of the surface – The surface is that part of the furniture that is exposed the most. We often keep cups and other items on those surfaces. Therefore, it is important to take proper care of surfaces. Clean them regularly, any stain, if left for a longer period may destroy the shine and texture of the surface.
  5. Rotate – This is one of the best ways to maintain the balance of cushions. We often sit on sofas and chairs in a particular manner. This puts pressure on a particular portion of the cushion only. To spread out the pressure evenly and maintain the shape, we should rotate cushions.
  6. Wax and oil regularly – Wooden furniture, in particular, require regular waxing and oiling. This helps in maintaining their shine and also elongates their life span.
  7. Read Guidance Manual – If your furniture has a guidance manual, you should read it and follow the instructions as mentioned there. At times, different furniture requires a different style of care.

In today’s time when the furniture comes at a cost, it is very important to take proper care so that the shape and shine of the furniture remain intact. In case you find it difficult to maintain your furniture or are confused about how to do it, there are experts in the market who provide these services. Do not hesitate in taking their consultation. A piece of smart furniture is always an advantage. Keep maintaining your furniture to extend that advantage forever.

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