Make Over Your Living Room

September 15, 2021by couchlane0

The living room is one area of your home where you spend most of the time. You greet your guests there, you celebrate little moments in your living room, and you spend much of your leisure time as well in the living room only. Therefore, your living room must be as comfortable, cozy, and trendy as it can be.

Though there are many DIY tips one can have from the world of the internet, the first thing that is required to make a living room is imagination. Yes, it is your living room and thus, you have to imagine how it should look like. You need to think about how you must shape up your living room. Should it be given a trendy and cool look, or should it have a cozy and comfortable look, or can you have both the elements together in your living room? Once you have defined how your living room should look like, then you should follow the below-given tips to give shape to your imaginations.

Play with elements

Many elements give the living room an all-new different look. Color is one such element that plays an important role. Use a combination of vibrant colors on one side of the wall and keep the adjoining sides bright to give your living room a contemporary yet classy look. Similarly, flooring is another element that impacts the overall look and feel of the living room. You can choose between wooden and tiled floors. A carpeted floor is also one of the options where you can play with the color, design, and texture of the carpet to match the wall color and the furniture.

Choose your furniture carefully

Furniture is the most important part of a living room and significantly impacts the overall look and feel of the area. Many items comprise the furniture for a living room – coffee table, sofa, consoles or storage brackets, rocking chairs, separators, etc. All these items come in a contemporary as well as classy look and design. Be very certain before picking them up as they would stay with you for a longer period. For furniture for the living room, you can also visit Couchlane’s website where you can get many interesting ideas.

Light it out, dramatically

Lighting is again one of the important elements of a living room. Proper lighting can dramatically change the overall ambiance in seconds. Similarly, corner lights or beamers can be used to emphasize a defined portion of the living room. Lighting also sets the mood, i.e., during a party you can use flicker or colorful lights, on calmer and relaxing days you can use dull lights to make the ambiance calmer.

You may bring all the items out of your imagination and put them in your living room, however, you should always mind the spacing while putting the stuff. There should be ample space to move around and the room should look cluttered. Your living room should reflect your personality.




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