5 Things you should know when buying new furniture for kids

September 7, 2021by couchlane0

Buying kids furniture is always a daunting task. You have to check several factors most critical being comfort, durability and functionality.

Do not get confused. Here are some of the points to remember while selecting furniture for your super kid.

1.Types of material used:

The most important thing is the type of material used. Popular choices are engineered wood, pine wood, mango or Sheesham wood . Engineered wood is often underestimated though not only provides durability and great finish but is also lightweight and easy on the pocket. On the other hand, the furniture made from Sheesham or mango wood are good in quality but the thing to keep in mind is that they are heavier. If the kid’s room is small, try to select furniture that is portable and lightweight. For lightweight and easy to move furniture pinewood also proves to be a great choice.

2.Space requirements:

Space is one of the most defining factors that will decode the type of furniture one wants to invest in. Buy modular furniture if there is a space constraint in the kid’s room. Ultimately, make sure to buy furniture that best suits your kid’s bedroom space, theme, design, and function. For larger rooms onc can opt for fixed pieces but keep in mind the number of years you want to use the furniture as kids tend to outgrow things quite fast.


Versatility plays a critical role in choosing the right furniture for your kid’s bedroom. Kids grow and outgrow things quite fast- from clothes and toys to furniture. Therefore, you should always ensure that your kid’s furniture is multi-functional and serve as multi utility pieces.

4.Storage :

More the merrier. Kids will always fall in love with their belongings and do not want to part with them. Toys and books keep on accumulating, this is where well thought out storage pieces come to rescue. Build in storage options in almost any kids furniture that you are investing in, you will never regret this decision. A bed headboard that has shelves and storage boxes that can be used as chairs, having proper storage spaces will help your child stay organised.


Most important, colours! Keep their colour choices in mind while selecting the furniture. Kids love colours and hence this becomes one of the most important decision. Consulting your kids on their preferences will make the buying process fun and is sure to make them happy.

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