How to pick your furniture? #Chairtips

July 28, 2021by couchlane0

From lazy breakfasts to grand dinner parties to game nights, life happens on the chair in more ways than one. Do you have such chairs at home on which you can sit and relax, or offer them to your guests on a party night? If not, then this is the right time to buy some trendy and comfortable chairs for your home.

Here’s how to pick chairs, to create that perfect gathering spot:

  1. Comfort in dimensions

Can you sit comfortably on the chair for the next two hours without getting up?

  • Measure the dining chair’s width at its widest point – either the backrest or the seat
  • An armless dining chair offers optimum comfort when 22 inches wide and 24 inches deep
  • Avoid anything smaller than 17 inches by 20 inches
  • Chair arms require an additional six inches, so opt out in limited spaces
  1. Mirroring style with lifestyle

High back chairs set the tone for formal settings while low back chairs easily create a casual ambiance. Also, delicately designed or open back chairs allow longer sightlines, making a small dining room look spacious. Similarly, well defined, voluminous chairs do well in large spaces. This thumb rule applies across themes whether it is traditional, contemporary, minimalistic or anything else.

  1. Mix it up

Chairs that complement rather than match dining tables are the flavour of the season. It sounds challenging but the trick is to find a common element – colour, shape, style, height, leg style, or material – that unites the chairs together or makes it relatable with the dining table.

  1. Easy to move

It is always preferable to have dining chairs you can easily move around the house. This is especially important if they are pulling double-duty. It could be used for extra seating in the living room when entertaining guests. It might come handy when being used at your home office.

  1. Buy stable structures

Irrespective of what material they are made of, chairs should stand firmly on their feet and not wobble under tension. This is especially important if you are picking antique pieces.

Chairs do have an important role to play in defining the ambiance of your home. No one likes sitting on an would like to sit on an uncomfortable chair. So, to make your sitting as comfortable as it gets, visit Couchlane, a bespoke furniture studio where you can choose from a variety of chairs. Well, its time for you to add comfort to your life.

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