6 Tips to Make Your Dining Room look Richer!

April 22, 2022by couchlane0

It is usually said that a family that dines together, stays together. And if it is a well-decorated dining space, no one would like to skip a meal with happy faces. An elegant looking dining room always begets an extra compliment from guests besides the good food served there.

  1. The most important part of a dining room is the dining table. A stylishly carved wooden finished dining table with well heightened and comfortable chairs sets the mood of the feast. Dining tables with elegantly carved woods, detailed textures and rich proportions are timeless possession.Though, there are many furniture shops where you can get stylish dining tables, one place that is a must-try is Couchlane. It’s a bespoke furniture outlet that offers unique designs and styles that perfectly match your aesthetics.


  1. Create a compelling and cohesive aesthetic by adding flowers at the centre of the table. It is also advisable to add planters inside the dining space. It only uplifts the mood but also adds necessary health benefits.


  1. One of the simplest upgrades that you can bring to your dining room is to add a touch of gold colour to the dining space. Gold coloured flatware is the most effective way to bring in the aesthetics of a rich look.


  1. Rugs have always been an important part of home decor for cultures, classic and contemporary, all over the world. Rugs not only add ascents to the dining space but also help create the pattern on the flooring space.


  1. Wallpaper is a beautiful accent that can make a remarkable difference in any room. And if you’re looking to make a dramatic high-end statement with your dining room, the right wallpaper could be all you need to put your design over the top. Another alternative to wallpaper is to mount a creative wall art that creates a dramatic statement in the room.


  1. If you have a thing for contemporary interiors, then a marble top Dining table with stainless steel detailing is a must. You can choose between chrome, gold or rose gold finish for the stainless steel. Also choose from a range of finishes from gloss to brushed look.


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